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Property must be brought in or mailed within 14 days of arriving at the facility Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Items that can be brought in or mailed in

You may have the following brought in or mailed in no later than 15 days after intake: 3 pr. white socks, 3 pr. Underwear, 3 white t-shirts, (no tank tops), 3 sports bras (no wires, females only), 1 pr. of gray or white athletic shorts (no strings or logos), 1 gray sweatshirt (no hoods), 1 pr. gray sweat pants (no pockets or strings), 1 set of white or gray thermals, 1 pr. tennis shoes, 1 MP3 player (battery operated with no USB port and cannot be altered) OR 1 battery operated handheld am/fm radio with no external antenna, and 1 pr. ear buds. 

After the 15th day from intake, you may purchase these items or any additional items from the canteen.  All clothing will be laundered at CCDC.  CCDC will not be responsible for damage that occurs during laundering. 

The above listed items are the only items friends and family can bring or mail in. All other items are subject to pre-approval by contacting the  property officer.

Inmates are also allowed to purchase items off of commissary.